Level with Me, courtesy of Unept, is all about balance. Its simple mechanics is akin to other mobile games, but it can be very difficult and even frustrating. Even so, you will keep coming back to this, a testament to the design. While a balancing game, Level with Me may not be what you think it is.

When the game proper starts you’ll see a pivot with a wood plank on it. Objects start to drop on it, and you have to tap the screen to produce bubbles. The bubbles go up and change the wood plank’s tilt upon contact.

That’s the basic gameplay and each challenge takes just a few seconds. However you must have quick reflexes and gauge where the pivot will go. If an object falls in the water, it’s over.

Level with Me has different rules for each level. In one you have to balance a bouncing ball, while in another you’ll have to make sure the sled doesn’t fall off. The nice thing about the game is the challenges are short but come at you constantly. While the mechanics are the same for all levels, the different objects mean you have to use unique approaches.

This means you have to be alert when playing Level with Me. Its simple concept is what will draw you in and keep you coming back. However the game doesn’t feel unfair, and once you get past a challenge, it’ll give you the confidence to keep playing.

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