Snake vs Block by Voodoo takes the classic game and adds various elements to make it even more enjoyable. This is a casual game you can play with one finger, making it ideal for playing in short bursts, plus it’s easy to pick up. The concept will be familiar to gamers, but Voodoo has added some interesting twists to suit the modern gamer.

You start the game with a few balls, and you just need to swipe your finger side to side, gathering balls with numbers. The more of these you collect, the longer your snake becomes. Try not to hit numbered blocks because your snake will be reduced by the number indicated. Hit a block with a number that’s greater than your snake’s length, and it’s game over.

You can crash through some of the numbered blocks and break them. Your points total depends on the values of the block rather than the number of balls in your collection. Be careful though as only a long snake has the power to handle the large blocks.

Since this is a one handed game, it’s easy to learn but difficult to master. Your character will die a few times during your first few attempts, but eventually you’re going to develop. Once you get in the groove and develop a rhythm, you will notice how quickly you can make that snake grow. You can keep tapping to move to another direction, but it is better to just keep your finger on the screen and swipe. Snake vs Block is an easy game to pick up, and it offers the right amount of challenge to make you want to keep playing.

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