Lion Studios knew what they were doing with Big Big Baller, implementing elements that casual gamers want along with excellent replay value. It is fast, easy to learn and with multiplayer allows you to compete with friends. The concept – destroying everything in sight – should also appeal to a lot of gamers who do not want to get stuck in complicated plots.

Your objective is to use a ball to cause as much destruction as possible. Just move your finger and direct the ball towards objects. The ball gets larger as it makes contact with those objects, and you need to make that ball as large as possible before the round ends.

Each round lasts only 2 minutes so you need to be quick and efficient. So far the concept is similar to other games, but the difference is – you will be competing with other players. So you need to expand your ball before the other players or they will crush you. Of course, if you get bigger then you can crush the other balls.

The nice thing about Big Big Baller is how quickly things can change. The game plays fairly and you always have an opportunity to win. Apart from competing with other players, you can grab coins which you can use to get new skins. Complete a certain number of rounds and you get even more skins.

Bottom line: if you like casual mobile games then Big Big Baller is for you. It is fun and great to play with your friends anytime.

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