Short but unique, Naomi Wachira‘s African Girl is a rare gem of soulful tracks that attempts to not only bring flavorful music but substance, too.

African Girl, a three-track collection, is the first official offering of Naomi Wachira. Born in Kenya but is based in Seattle, this three-song EP is an appetizer to test the waters as well as tease listeners for more.

Witness opens the collection with soulful drums paired with Naomi’s soul-driven voice. Here, the songstress sings about balancing relationships and keeping promises.

Meanwhile, in the standout track African Girl, Wachira showcases her roots with pride and who she is. Listen as the songstress’ unique voice blend seamlessly with the stripped down acoustic guitars.

Stand Up closes the collection with much braveness and feminism. Wachira bears her soul in this track as she openly talks and expresses her thoughts about violence and women standing up for their rights.

African Girl is an encapsulation of Naomi Wachira as an artist, an African, and a woman. The collection, though short, does not fall on substance and emotions delivered with grace — creating tracks that soothe the ears and, at the same time, opens the listeners’ eyes.

Track List:
1. Witness
2. African Girl
3. Stand Up

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