1.200First of all, congratulations to Arthur Caravan. Never had I found a more complicated record title! Ok, it fits into code-and-numbers mood intelligent dance music composers adore, but try to tell a friend: ‘Have you heard Cravan’s latest 222777444777782555 555444?’ I challenge you… just try…

About the music now.


Well… When the LP was published on Jamendo, the author confessed that the tunes come from his Aphex Twin’s influence period. I don’t think the explanation is very necessary, because you can sense it from the very beginning of the record.

The music is not 100 % a brand new original thing, but I simply appreciate this genre of music too much to make a fuss about it. The tracks are very sensibly composed, not too long (which happens quite often with an average IDM piece and it’s unbearable for me) and not too experimental (ditto).

As Thom Yorke would claim: Everything in its right place. On the one hand there is no doubt Cravan interest dwells in the regions of sophisticated electronica, but the production is so ambient-based and full of interesting melodies that one can both relax and explore while tuning into it.

I won’t say which composition suits me the most, because they overlap and complete each other, but I would definitely recommend 22255528834442 and 7777833 3332664442 the most.

In a nutshell. It’s a highly recommendable release full of spacial, engaging sounds, home-made but thorough production and enjoyable atmosphere.

This free album download is available from Jamendo in MP3 & OGG formats, either as a .zip or .torrent and is licensed under a Creative Commons License.

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