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The Android market is filled with ebook readers, but a lot of them are crammed with features which make them difficult to use. An exception to this is Moon+Reader by Moon+, which has a nice set of features without being complicated. This is the free version, and while it doesn’t have as many features as the Pro, it’s still pretty good.

The interface is smooth and makes reading easy, and with a tap you can switch to day/night mode. The default theme looks great and there are a dozen more themes to choose from. You can also adjust the screen brightness by sliding your finger along the display’s left edge.

If you want to change the other options, go to visual options and you can change the page animation, color, font size and other settings. You can also go to the control options and adjust the multi-touch gestures and key presses.

Being able to control a lot of options makes reading more pleasant, and it also has the standard ebook features like bookmarks, annotate and highlight. You can sync among your other devices, and a quick tap lets you share with your friends.

Looking for a specific title? Head over to its search function and type the title. It is integrated with Project Gutenberg, Smashworlds, Feedbooks and other online libraries so you have access to lots of books. Another benefit of Moon+Reader is its ability to read a wide range of formats including html, txt, ePub, fb2, zip and many more.

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