Do you like hiking, backpacking, biking and other activities on the trail? If so, you’re going to like the AllTrails app. With its clean interface, the app makes it easy to keep track of the nearest trails, make tracks and edit info. The app also lets you read trail reviews and use the topography maps.

AllTrails displays a list of the trails nearest you, including name, location and rating. You can look for trails in any location, and you can turn to map view if you have it map pinned in your area. If there are dozens of trails in your area, use the search filter to narrow the results.

You can filter the results so only the trails nearest appear, or have the best ones come up first. AllTrails also lets you sort trails by difficulty. If you’re new to hiking you can have the easy ones show up first. If you’re an experienced hiker however, you may prefer more challenging trails show up first, and the app allows that too.
You can filter the trails by length or by the star rating (1 to 5) One of the benefits of the app is the large number of users it has, as this ensures the reviews and info are always up to date.

The app also has information about the trail, what you want to see, what to do, if it is suited for children or pets. So if you want to see a beach on the trail, make sure to select that option. Keep the app open as you hike to get the trail route highlighted as you move, save the trails you completed and those you would like to get to soon.

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