XnView is a free multimedia viewer, converter and browser all in one. Created by XnSoft it supports more than 500 image formats and allows you to export in more than 70 formats as well. While it’s primarily a picture viewer the application has many other features that set it apart from the others.


XnView allows you to view images in different ways including thumbnail, full screen, film strip and slide show with effects. You can also compare images, useful if you’re looking for duplicates. In addition, this file viewer comes with a plethora of editing tools such as resize, crop, rotate and lossless rotate for JPG images. There are also image effects filters including Modify Colors, Auto Contrast, Auto Levels and other filters.

The power of XnView becomes apparent when you look at what you can create with it. These include creating slide shows, web pages, thumbnails for video galleries and more. Aside from supporting all the popular images, it also has support for animated images and GIF.TWAIN and WIA interfaces are supported as well as a screen capture tool.

Besides these features, XnView also has support for a print module, batch renaming, batch processing, duplicate file transfer and JPEG lossless transform, among others.

The XnView download comes in three forms: minimal, standard and extended. The basic installation just includes the main program, while standard has the jpeg2000 plugin. The extended installation includes all the plugins, addons and extras, so you can download the specific program you want. XnView is easy to use, but there’s a user guide available online if you feel the need to use it.

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