Lab from VicMan is a photo montager/editor for the iOS and Android. If you’ve been using mobile devices for a while now you’ve probably tried more than a few of these before, but don’t dismiss this is as just another run of the mill app. Photo Lab has all the basic photo editing features yes, but it can do a lot more.

The app interface is intuitive. Once you load an image you choose the filter you want to apply from Popular, Categories, Seasonal, etc. You can see what the effect will be before applying so it’s really easy to use. You can use any image in your mobile device’s gallery, Instagram or Facebook. You can also snap a photo from your camera and use that in the app.

Once you have chosen a picture you can rotate or crop the image by the usual tapping and swiping of your fingers. Once you have the photo the way you want it, tap the filter effect. The time it takes to apply the effect depends on the size of your photo, your mobile device specs and the type of filter, but usually it takes just a few seconds.

Some of the other effects require purchase, but there are enough free filters here to keep you occupied. While Lab may not be the first photo editor app, it is one of the most creative.

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