The latest offering from German electronica producer Berg Dorf may be seen by the majority as just a very good album. But for net-label Memoryformat, the record is much more; it is a new beginning. Berg Dorf’s Blow Cuts marks Memoryformat’s much-awaited relaunch after a hiatus that lasted several years. And as far as first impressions go, the album hits every right spot.

As you head into Blow Cuts, you should neither expect from it any loud, EDM club-bangers nor any lavish and intricate compositions. Berg Dorf’s priorities are far different. “The aim is to fuel a contemplative state of mind”, the producer plainly mentions about the album on his BandCamp page. Using a wide array of droning synths and vocal samples collected over the years from movies, Berg creates an ambiance that is imbued with a sense of space and tranquility. A backbone of thumping hip-hop beats, meanwhile, keeps the music snappy enough to hold our focus. The result achieved is a cohesive collection of raw, minimalist instrumentals that encourage us to fill their blank spaces by ourselves, serving as the sparks that ignite our imaginations. Listeners may also find certain tracks perfect to be rapped over.

Favorite Tracks: Unread Letter, Littered Mind

Track List
1. Throwing the Lever 02:53
2. A Lover for the Loner 02:51
3. Unread Letter 01:37
4. Littered Mind 03:20
5. A Lesser State of Repose 01:52
6. The Loner’s Contempt 02:49
7. Olympus Beacon (bonus track) 03:55

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