Converter Plus by TranCreative Software is one of the most useful and productive apps you can install in your iOS device. For a free conversion app it comes with a lot of features that you will actually use. These include currency conversions, weight conversions and more. You can even make templates and download those made by other people who use this app.

There are more than 100 converters and calculators here. These include unit converters for velocity, temperature, length, area etc. It also comes with a tool for making price comparisons, a loan calculator, tip calculator, a tool for calculating sales taxes, and the aforementioned currency converter. You will also find a recipe scaler built in, which is very handy.


The currency converter is particularly good as you can view the currency exchange rates for more than 160 currencies, all of which are updated every six hours or a time you specify. While it has a lot of conversion units, Converter Plus is surprisingly easy to navigate and use. It allows you to choose what features to view, so it is very convenient. This is done via its Favorites feature. Simply add the conversions you use the most to Favorites for easy access.

If that’s not enough, Converter Plus lets you edit the app’s templates or assemble your own. This means you can add linear rules for converting or rules for formula for calculating. But if you don’t know how to do this, that’s all right since the app’s other utilities are very easy to use and can meet all your needs.

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