OS Forensics Free Edition from PassMark Software gives you the opportunity to analyze, assess and conduct PC forensic analysis. Essentially what the software does, is extract hidden data on a computer and organize this information in a beautifully simple way. Several programs like this exist but this is one of the most comprehensive.

The free edition comes with a file recovery tool, and it has a useful filter that lets you choose which deleted files to recover and leave out. During the search you can set criteria like size limit and file quality. Just head over to Deleted Files Search -> Config and adjust the settings. Once the file has been found, a summary is given, including the name, date of creation, metadata and more.


There’s also a File Search Utility like the one built in Windows except it is faster and more thorough. You can use this feature to search by modified dates, names, size, etc. so if you have a lot of files in your PC this will really come in handy. Once the search results are in, you’ll see them arranged in a timeline graph, giving you a good idea of the modification that’s been done.

There are other features in OS Forensics that you’ll find useful such as a password recovery program, a recent activity logger that analyzes the activity on the computer like the websites that have been visited, USB drives used, downloads, wireless networks used and so on. In other words, OS Forensics is a very useful utility if you’re required to do forensic analysis of PCs.

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