Amanda Palmer may very well be the most popular artist currently to release free music. To put things in perspective, her previous album raised about 1.2 million in crowd-funding on Kickstarter. Impressively enough, Amanda has always managed to live up to her immense hype and has surpassed expectations with each of her four LPs. And now, with Piano is Evil, an acoustic revamp of her much-acclaimed Theatre is Evil album, the goth goddess returns and she is as brilliant as ever.

On Piano is Evil, the tracks from the artist’s 2012 release Theatre is Evil, are stripped of their dense, tumultuous instrumentation, to feature nothing but vocals and piano. The effect is surprisingly intimate and allows Amanda’s impressive vocal range to shine through like never before. The vicious wit and lovelorn honesty of her lyrics, too, deliver a greater punch than on the album’s predecessor now that they enjoy the spotlight. But gladly, the record preserves the theatricality and melodrama of Theatre is Evil. Take for example, the infectious I’m Not The Killing Type, which features a performance passionate enough to induce goosebumps. Or the controlled elegance of Amanda’s vocals on the movingly poetic Trout Heart Replica. From start to end, Piano is Evil is an emotional tour de force that is sure to invite repeated listens. I’m a new fan.

Favorite Tracks: I’m Not The Killing Type, Smile (Pictures Or It Didn’t Happen), Trout Heart Replica, Bottomfeeder

Track List
1. Bottomfeeder 06:20
2. The Bed Song 06:51
3. The Killing Type 04:21
4. Grown Man Cry 05:55
5. Smile (Pictures Or It Didn’t Happen) 06:05
6. Trout Heart Replica 07:48
7. Berlin 06:51
8. Do It With a Rockstar 04:35
9. Massachusetts Avenue 05:19
10. Melody Dean 04:13
11. Want It Back 03:49
12. Olly Olly Oxen Free 04:32
13. Lost 04:59

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