Jason Cohn’s music is a cherry on top of a delectable and thirst-quenching ice cream. Closed Doors, which was released last July 2013 is mainly composed of acoustic folk songs written by the singer himself.

The songwriting of Cohn emanates his love and passion for creating good music to inspire the people who are listening to them.

Opening track Speck of Dust features the vibe of acoustic country music. Playing this song while driving along the highway will calm your nerves and drive away the stress.

A penchant for mid-tempo country ballads is reflected in Yellow Rose. This musical gem is very heart warming and romantic. Anyone who could play and sing this good will definitely get a “yes” from every girl.

Minimal Obligations has quite a funky tune to it; a compelling song to round out the EP.

Jason Cohn’s delivery of well-crafted music makes him a good musician. Grab this EP and take a trip to another world full of rhythms and harmony.

Track List:
1. Speck of Dust
2. Done is Done
3. Swapped Stories
4. Flies on Walls
5. Glass of Wine
6. Abierto
7. Pretty Good Girl
8. Harmless
9. Food
10. Integrity
11. Lighter in the Light
12. Yellow Rose
13. Minimal Obligations

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