Infuse heaps of funk  to your day with MACROSS 82-99‘s A Million Miles Away. With flavorful neo-tokyo tunes straight from Japan, this ten-track collection is a solid case for those who grew up loving anime soundtracks. MACROSS 82-99 plays with pop and electro musings, creating signature masterpieces that are solely unique.

First stop is Now And Forever, a surreal piece that features layers over layers of sonic samples intertwined with a bright pop melody. Be sure not to miss the ensemble of drumbeats and energized guitar at the middle as well as the Japanese samples at the end, as they immediately paint visuals of Tokyo’s busy streets.

Horsey (feat. Sarah Bonito) opens with a sound of a noisy crowd then slowly transcends to a pleasurable jungle of electro pop melodies and female rapping. While This Feeling is the ultimate party anthem with chill dance tunes that experiments between soul vocals and bright upbeat instrumentation. Press play and let Soul Bell’s powerful vocal samples and MACROSS 82-99’s polished arrangement inject some groove to your night.

MACROSS 82-99 explores the loungey/jazz department with Fugaz (feath. mothica). Hang out with good friends and let this song’s slow and smokey arrangement set a laidback atmosphere.

It’s really hard to find a standout track in an album as good as this, as everything’s so polished and beautiful in its own way. MACROSS 82-99 has successfully showcased Japan’s pop culture and infused it with his own electro melodies. By doing this, the listeners are not only treated with entertaining pieces, but is also transported into a musical experience that travels beyond waves and soundscapes.

Track List:
1. Now And Forever
2. Horsey (feat. Sarah Bonito)
3. This Feeling (w/Soul Bell)
4. Lovers (w/Beat Poems)
5. Night In Tokyo Pt. II
6. Grandlife, Highlife (w/Rollergirl)
7.『82.99 F.M』
8. Fugaz (feat. mothica)
9. アスカBad Girl (w/Lancaster)
10. Thank You

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