Do you need a vector illustration program but don’t have a large budget? You may want to check out Gravit, a designer program with illustration and vector capabilities that match those of expensive programs. Gravit is free and available for download and online use software. It got lots of tools, but if you’ve used illustration programs before, the layout will be familiar.

It has a main toolbar, a format panel where the properties are, and a layers panel, and they have cut, paste, copy and the other tools and features you’d expect. To start drawing, click one of its drawing tools – pen, line, text, auto shape or Bezigon – and start. You can also use the sub-selection and pointer tools to create more complex shapes.

The Bezigon tool is used to create intricate shapes such as spirals, waves and symmetrical objects. Just click the tool to create a point, move the cursor and click one more time. If you click, press alt and click again, a node with symmetrical handles show up, allowing you to create a number of different shapes.

Need to select several objects? Just use the lasso tool, and the layer tool is great for selecting several layers of a complex illustration. While primarily for vector, there are also a few bitmap tools here such as cropping, making alpha masks and blending.

Color application includes the standard gradient options, transparent and solid colors. It’s also got an eyedropper tool as well. Once you’re done illustrating, you can save it as SVG, NG32, PNG24 or export as a JPG.

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