There is no shortage of Pokemon games, but what makes Magikarp Jump different from there is that it focuses on Magikarp, one of, if not the weakest of all Pokemon. Happily though, the game is actually fun and shows there’s a lot more to Magikarp than you may think.

You’ve just moved to Happy Town and as it turns out, they have the Magikarp competing in jumping rather than typical Pokemon battles. Now Happy Place Mayor Karp has asked you to train the Magikarp so their jumps get higher.
To boost their jump power (JP) you tap the food to make the Magikarp eat more. The more food the Magikarp eats the higher its JP gets. Once you have a training points you can hold pool training sessions and earn points.

You can also put your Magikarp in League Battles to see how far they have progressed. These jumping battles involve tapping the cut scenes and see what happens with your Magikarp. The Magikarp you compete with range from the easy to the very difficult.

The ultimate objective is to have your Magikarp win 8 Leagues, and this requires you to raise and nurture several Magikarp. What this means is you will have to do a lot of tapping and leveling. However the game isn’t unfair and you can make progress.

Even if you have played other Pokemon games before, Magikarp offers something different, and who would have thought the weakest species could be so fascinating to play? Well it is and definitely worth a try.

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