Mouth’s Cradle: Clark Kent

As if prophesying their own big break, The Next Big Thing became an instant hit for cheeky electro/hip hop and pop duo, Mouth's Cradle. (The boys have easily hit the 100k mark at the Frostclick blog alone. ) They're now back with a brand new record, bringing in tow their brand of lighthearted, sonically arresting and vocally invigorating sound. Composed of Syracuse grads, Kevin "Mouf" Moufadus and Brandon "Master Rogers" Linn; Mouth's Cradle carefully weaves the threads of art and pop as well as hip hop and dance.

Icon Girl Pistols: Crushed Beneath The Wheels

Icon Girl Pistols is actually a four piece band based in Japan. They sing rock, indie and alternative songs and release about one track per month for free download. If you are not a fan of Japanese rock bands or simply can't appreciate it, then you best stay away. and check the other posts. However, if like me, you've grown up fascinated with almost anything Japanese, including Dragonball and Pokmon, then this record is quite a treat. Each track is fun to listen to and definitely worth checking out and downloading. All of their records so far, including this one, Crushed Beneath the Wheels, are available for free download on their website or Jamendo.