All race game lovers, it is time to rev-up the machines and burn the rubber on your Android device with Road Warrior. This game is one of the meanest and most extreme racing games of its kind; almost giving birth to a whole new genre.

Created by Top Free apps and Games, the developer has made a breakthrough with Road Warrior, in more than just a big way. The game is truly amazing in every sense.

Road Warrior is a complete mash-up between shooting and a racing game, making this one a hybrid of sorts. Players can race all while simultaneously having the ability to shoot down their opponent or dodging the attacks from competitors. This game truly scores high on the fun factor and as well as on the intuitiveness.

As the game progresses, players earn respect and power and go on to race the bosses. On defeating the bosses, players get to own and race with their highly tuned and powerful cars. That is really a slick and sweet gift for any racer with a thrist to win and dominate.

Players get extra bonus’ and coins with perfect stunts and flips performed. Moreover, the fleet of cars available is truly amazing with the availability of massive monster trucks, sophisticated saloons and GT racing cars. Its a racer’s heaven. There are also multiple tracks available; some tracks even have a hidden path or shortcut within them.

The cars in-game can be highly customized and players can add various guns and add-ons using the in-built car builder. The game controls are very precise and the physics are also very well done. Moreover, the game sports real racing parameters such as engine power, racing drag, suspension stiffness and many more technicalities. HD game fans will love this game for the gorgeous graphics it has to offer.

Overall, a great game with high premium features for free. Road Warrior will cater heavily to the hardcore gaming segment and will keep everyone very happy for a long time to come.

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