Box from Box Inc. provides you with ample free storage (10 GB) for all the documents you need. If you are always on the move but need constant access to your files, this app is for you. It’s easy to use, and quick too. More than 20 million people are using it, as well as Fortune 500 companies, so that’s saying something.


With 50 GB of storage you’ll be able to gain access to your files from your mobile devices or the desktop or the Internet. Because it’s so quick you can update your files on the go, and you can collaborate and share files with other people. File support won’t be a problem as it can render over 100 different file types, including Word, PowerPoint and PDF. With Box, you can view and present these file types easily.

Box also gives you access to your files offline, an exceptionally handy feature if you don’t have an Internet connection. The search function is another nice feature, as it allows you to look for your files in real time. If you’re worried about putting private files in Box, don’t, because there are sophisticated security features built in, but as always read about the app before you trust it completely.

Box also lets import videos and photos, and they have several partner apps that enhance its functionality. While Box has a lot of features it is actually easy to use, and provides a lot of benefits. Also, the app has support for iOS, Mac and Windows, so compatibility won’t be an issue either.

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