Textgram from developer click2mobile is an app that allows you to rapidly post text massages to Instagram and let people know what is on your mind. This app isn’t just convenient but also very handy. If you have been frustrated by the fact that you could not send text messages to Instagram quickly, this is what you need.

Textgram comes with several templates that you can use to write short text messages, and yes you can use your favorite pictures too. With this feature you no longer have to wonder how to share messages with your Instagram followers or share a message, as the app is very easy to use.


You can also write a message and then apply a background to make the text more appealing and easier to read. The app may be simple but it does the job right and intuitively. If you are looking for a way to make Instagram more useful, then this app will be just what you need.

Once you download and run the app you will see how simple it is and how it allows you to become creative. Rather than the usual pictures you can use text instead. There are more than 45 well made stickers and more than 30 templates available here. Not only can you add text but you can also add shadows to text and change its color. Other features include pinch, zoom and pan, so you have full control over the text. In other words, Textgram has you covered.

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