Hott Notes has taken the concept of virtual sticky notes further. There are many apps like this around, but Hott Notes has special features that set it apart. The app is quick, letting you add a note and stick it to the desktop. Its icon rests on the taskbar, out of the way. The notes remain on your wallpaper and quite unobtrusive. The software is compatible with Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7.

One of the software’s strongest points is the interface. Hott Notes has four tabs. This is where you can customize its features. Font sizes can be adjusted and aligned. Both text and headers can be formatted in many ways, making them easier to read. The bright colors ensure the notes stand out. Even if your desktop is crowded, you won’t miss it. Probably the only thing missing from this program is the ability to underline words. Other than that, Hott Notes performs its task well.

The colors can be modified. An interesting feature is the ability to modify opacity. A built-in alarm can be set off as well. While there are a lot of options, they are very easy to use. There are also features allowing you to make archives and prepare checklists. Hott Notes has an organizer so your notes do not get cluttered. You can also back up notes so you don’t end up rewriting them over and over. A neat feature is the program discards a note you’re done with, reducing clutter.

Hott Notes is not just for office workers. They are also good for students and teachers. If you’re the type who needs a reminder, this is the program to get. There’s nothing fancy about it, but it works great.

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