Full of Stars is an arcade game with narrative fiction elements, and while the two sound at odds with each other, developer ArsThanea did a terrific job bringing the two elements together. As the captain of your spaceship, you have to do more than just survive, as you have to make decisions and actions not usually found in arcade style games.

You press and hold left or right to drift the ship in either way and release your finger to go back in the center of the screen. By drifting left or right you’ll be able to avoid the asteroids and grab the power ups along the way. When you pick up the laser, tap two fingers to fire.

One of the powerups lets you go into overdrive mode which you activate by swiping the screen. Keep in mind that overdrive mode is not permanent though, and even your laser gun needs time to reload. You also get leadership points through character interaction and overcoming flight challenges.
However your ship must always have at least one passenger. Since your ship’s capacity is limited you can only carry a specific number. As you fly, try to collect as much Idium – the currency – as you can, and use this to upgrade your ship or laser. Your ship also only has three energy cores, and with each journey needing one unit of energy, resource management is important.

Will you decide to upgrade capacity, the weapons or your overdrive? These are the questions you have to answer as you try and survive Full of Stars.

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