The Baby Center Pregnancy Tracker app from Baby Center lives up to its name as it tracks your pregnancy and provides a lot of useful, factual information that expectant moms will appreciate. This informative but easy to use app contains guides, videos and tips day by day and week and by week.

All you need to do is enter the due date of your baby and the app will provide information about it. There is a checklist for pregnant moms as well as a baby kick counter. There are also tips and trivia: at 9 weeks for instance, the app informs your bay is about the size of a grape. Other tips show how your baby is growing and more.

The Baby Center app has several sections like Tools, Calendar and Birth Club, and you just tap the one you want to see. Tap Birth Club and you get options to share the ultrasound photos of your baby. Want to know more information on how ultrasounds work? There is a video that shows how it operates.

The Baby Center Pregnancy Tracker also has a news feed about anything and everything related to pregnancy. The pregnancy calendar is one of the most useful tools on the app as it keeps you on track of your due date. The more you explore the app the more features you will learn.

Want to know more about pregnancy symptoms? What vitamins to take? How to cope with morning sickness? The information is here. The Pregnancy Tracker app also lets you join an online community of other pregnant moms where you can share stories and experiences.

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