Action games are standard fare in mobile as are strategy games, but rarely will you see one that combines action, hack slash and strategy. Well that’s what developer Vladislav Vasile did with A Way to Slay. It offers an interesting gameplay and some of the smoothest animations we have seen. If you’re into fast action and hack and slash, this is for you.

Armed with a sword, it’s all about taking out all the opponents – and there are many of them – and trying not to get killed. The controls are easy to learn though, just tap twice on your target for the kill. Double tap on every opponent in sight and watch them go down.

But it’s not that simple of course as your enemies will take aim at you if you get too close. Keep your distance and you’ll advance in the game. Since you are agile you can attack quickly and not get hit. Fortunately the early levels have rather lightweight enemies; a single strike and they’ll go down. This changes quickly however as the latter levels have more skilled and harder to kill enemies.

This goes to show that A Way to Slay is more than just a simple hack and slash affair. Some strategy is required, plus you have to learn to use the camera to find the most appropriate opponent to hit. As you progress the opponents become stronger and varied, ranging from mobsters, ninjas, pirates and more. A Way to Slay succeeds in standing out from a crowded field, and it’s a lot of fun.

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