Fist of Fury from Happymagenta is a Kung-Fu fighting game that shows how even the simplest gameplay can be addictive if properly implemented. Your character stands in the middle of a crossroads with ninjas attacking from all sides and if you get hit it’s game over. Sounds simple enough but that’s what makes it fun.

Once the ninjas attack you swipe the screen to fight back. Swipe up to attack those up, swipe down, left or right to take on the others. When you die your previous score is counted and you just need to tap the screen to start again. You’re probably going to die a few times, but keep playing and you’ll get a rhythm and find yourself swiping in different directions with confidence.

Another reason to keep playing is you can unlock other heroes, plus they each have super moves that will knock out all your opponents. Fist of Fury may seem silly at times but it’s all for fun, and there’s something addictive about trying to get that swipe just right, and of course, beat that high score.

The gameplay in Fist of Fury really doesn’t change much, but it’s a lot of fun to unlock those heroes and see what kind of super moves they have. This is simple, fun arcade gaming in mobile at its best. One of the problems with some mobile games is they’re so difficult to pick up, but Fist of Fury is a notable exception: just swipe like crazy and you’ll have a blast playing this.

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