Circix may not be the flashiest game on the iOS in terms of graphics, but this small puzzle game from developer Russell King is addictive in its own way. Once you get past the simple design, you’ll see that it’s a very engaging puzzler that will keep you occupied for a while.

The hallmark of all good puzzle games is they’re easy to learn but difficult to master, and Circix is one of them. Every level is made up of chips that have to be linked together to make a circuit. Every chip has a number designation, and it has to have the same number of connections to the other chips to form a circuit. If you do that you get through the level.


The early levels in Circix have just one or two connections, but as you get going, the numbers reach seven and higher, and things become trickier. In addition, Circix also throws up some double or triple connections, just to make things more complex. However, the great thing about it is you can move on to other levels. Yes, there’s no need to unlock this or that since everything is open.

That being said, the advanced levels are pretty tough so you’re better off starting at the early levels to get used to the format. Once you’ve used to it, just move on to the other levels. And if the game isn’t challenging enough, try the timed version where you’ll be required to complete the puzzle over a specific time period, which is neat.

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