Gardenscapes 2 from Playrix is the third game in the franchise, and it’s looking good. The gameplay hasn’t changed much from the original, but that’s not so bad since the first game was really good. Austin goes back home and learns that his folks hadn’t been done a good job caring for the garden, so now it’s up to him, or more accurately, you to put things right.

There are two aspects to the game, garden decorating and searching for hidden objects. Your objective is to sell various items in the house to collectors. These collectors show up during the hidden object part of the game, and you have to be quick about looking for those items as the customers can lose patience.

The faster you find the items the more the customer will pay. The scenes also have coins, family pictures and other items. Collect the coins and you’ll build up your bankroll and get the money to beatify the garden. If you are having trouble looking for an item, tap the question mark and get some hints.

Aside from the sales and decorating the garden, Gardenscapes 2 will have you doing other tasks like adding a doghouse, dressing up the foliage and so on. The game’s graphics are nice and bright, and there’s a certain delight in finding all kinds of oddities in the house like old family albums and other items. If you’re into casual and light games, this is something you may want to check out.

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