OpenTTD is an open source business / transport simulation game based on the classic Transport Tycoon games. The difference is that this game is free courtesy of the OpenTTD Team. While the game is inspired by Transport Tycoon, OpenTTD offers more in terms of features. It’s your job to choose the routes so your cities get the services and goods they need, and that’s just for starters.

The bottom in the game is to make money as you need to buy land, supply services and goods, prepare more routes and make more money. Fortunately the game provides several windows that help you manage all those services. A tutorial is included and reading it will give you a better understanding of how to play the game.


Once you learn the basics of the game you can take full advantage of its many options. The decisions you make will help you build large cities and grow. There are a lot of options here true, but the design makes them very manageable. The graphics are very good and development is continuing so all bugs are fixed quickly.

OpenTTD has support for single player mode, Internet multiplayer, LAN connection multiplayer, and a you vs. the computer mode so there are endless ways you can play the game. In fact the game lets you play against 225 players divided into several companies. You can fight for control and try to outwit your opponents. In short, OpenTTD is a fun business transport simulation game that can be very addictive. If you love these kinds of games, then grab this one.

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