Fishing is meant to be relaxing and while The Fish Master from Voodoo is nothing like the real thing, it is fun and addictive. The goal is to catch as many unique, expensive fish as you can, but since the game is made for mobile devices you do not have to get your fingers wet.

The simple controls are part of the reason The Fish Master is attractive to gamers. Once you cast a line, use your finger to move the fishing rod and catch fish. The more fish you catch and the rarer they are, the more money you earn. Drop your fishing line deeper and you increase your chances of catching more fish.

That is the basic gameplay, but getting the most out of it requires strategy. When you drop the line it will fall down fast. However, the game still lets you have a look at the fishes you will are trying to catch. So before catching the fish, you can see what you are getting.

By using this strategy you will be able to reach the highest possible score. The goal is to get the highest quality fish and the shinier the better. The bigger and the shinier the fish the more money it fetches, so there is no need to waste time on cheap fish as they are just not worth it.

To get the highest possible score, be choosy with the kind of fish you catch. The right side of the screen tells you the depth. You can play Fish Master without an Internet connection, but it does remove your chances of doubling your earnings, so the choice is yours.

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