Trying to keep track of all your passwords can be a chore, and that is where Dashlane can make a difference. With this single app you’ll have a single place to keep all your passwords. In addition, Dashlane can auto fill for any website, very convenient and handy.

Dashlane saves your new passwords quickly, can log in automatically to any website and is a good place to keep your info and IDs. To ensure the highest protection, your passwords are encrypted with AES256. All the information you store is kept on your device and most importantly your master password has no loopholes in terms of security.


Dashlane also has alerts that will inform you if there’s an attempt to hack into any of your accounts. As you browse, Dashlane will save passwords on the sites you use. Furthermore, you can use the app to log in automatically to any of your accounts, and there’s support for copy pasting passwords as well.

Dashlane also gives you the ability to share notes and passwords securely and encrypt them. For many people though the most convenient here is the auto fill function as it saves you the trouble of typing on small keyboards. In addition, Dashlane won’t require you to have your payment online.

Because of the way Dashlane is designed, you can have a digital wallet so all your personal information is kept private. Whether they are IDs, passports, or other accounts etc., you can keep on your mobile device safe and sound. As with any similar app make sure to get familiar with it and its creators before you use it for your personal information.

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