If you ever had trouble writing and organizing your novel, you might need some helping hand. yWriter is an easy to use software that helps you organize your writing according to scenes and chapters. It allows you to work on specific points of your novel to easily achieve your goal.

yWriter was written by Simon Haynes, a writer and programmer, to help him with his needs as an author. The program is continually being expanded as he takes in comments and suggestions from fellow novelists.

Being a writer often means that there’s not enough time to work on your novel especially if you have quite a lot on your plate at any one time. If you ever find yourself wishing that you could be more productive as a novelist and that you have a system that can help you out, then yWriter is what you’re looking for.

Although there are plenty of reliable commercial softwares out there, yWriter helps you do all this for free. It is a great program that helps writers do several things at once. For one, it helps to outline a schedule from start to finish. Second, it provides a small summary of the scene and chapter descriptions as well as an opportunity for you to attach storyboard scenes into your story.

The program also provides a list of characters, locations as well as items you’ve used in your story. Moreover, there’s a scene rating that you can use to track the humor, tension or other qualities that you have embedded in your novel. This can be easily viewed as a chart for easy reference.

With the help of the yWriter, it’s possible to view the elements of your story and how it’s developing much more easily. Compared to scrolling down a long line of Word documents, you can easily separate and work on specific items that you have incorporated in your novel. Polish it up, revise it and work on it until it’s perfect. It’s essentially a program that’s made by a writer for fellow authors.

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