Android is largely an open ecosystem and sometimes it seems like too many things are happening there at the same time. The most effective way to know what is going on behind-the-screen is having an Assistant. Yes, we are talking about the Android Assistant with over 17 new features!

Developed by Aaron Smith, this app really packs-in a punch with all the bells and whistles. Android smartphones are packed to the gill in terms of memory, RAM, processors, so an app acting as an assistant is a big boon for advanced as well as causal users.

Many times smartphones run a host of background apps that slow up the phone, drain the battery quick, produce glitches during multitasking, or interfere with the data connection. Here comes in Android Assistant, which helps the users to keep a complete check on all the background processes and unnecessary actions using up the device resources.

The app has 17 features that would help users to keep track of progress manager, cache cleaner (system & browser cache), file manger, battery use, volume control, ringer, startup time, system info, system clean-up and many more. The features that really place all the power into the hands of users.

The app is loaded to the gills just like the high-end Android monsters we all love and is a must-have app for every advanced user, as well as users just wanting to play around. A great option for Android 2.2 and above is the additional option to move the app to the SD card via the APP 2 SD applications. Overall a great administrative tool with perfect tool integration.

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