The Rabbitts is a British acoustic folk rock duo consisting of Lucy McKinlay and Odhran Linsey. Not only do they share vocals on their compositions, but they also play all the instruments, and in their album Tall Trees and Tangled Vines, their versatility is at full display. The 10 tracks not only highlight their vocal harmonies but also their skilled use of harmonica, mandolin, guitar and other instruments, indie folk music at its best.

Twisted Pine opens things up, with its dreamy, haunting vocals and acoustic guitar, and the harmonica is perfect for the track. With Wild the duo employ the mandolin and guitar, and the instruments blend smoothly with the lyrical content.

Swallows combines the flute and mandola, conjuring images of lush forests and fairy gardens. Brambles & Blackberries follows, and the vocals of Mckinlay and Linsey take the spotlight here. Luna Lupe is one of the more energetic songs in the albums.=, while Bud Burrow Blues shows that The Rabbitts can do the blues, and the harmonica is striking.

Midnight Moon conveys love under the moonlight, while Lonesome Tree is an atmospheric number that goes back to classic 60s folk rock. Meanwhile the mandolin used in the opening of Tangerine Green is excellent and gives forth a cozy ambiance.

The final track, First Life has this ethereal, close to nature feel that embodies the album. While there is plenty of indie folk music out there, The Rabbitts stand out.

Favorite Tracks
Luna Lupe
Bud Burrow Blues

Track List
1. Twisted Pine 4:29
2. Wild 4:45
3. Swallows 4:16
4. Brambles & Blackberries 3:43
5. Luna Lupe 3:17
6. Bud Burrow Blues 3:27
7. Midnight Moon 4:50
8. Lonesome Tree 3:38
9. Tangerine Green 3:48
10. First Life 3:18

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