The Brazilian duo of Gentil Nascimento and Júlia Gutierrez, aka Julie & Gent are known for their stripped to the essentials approach to music. Their latest album Convenience of Fate shows the duo in top form, and in addition to their classic sound have added new instruments and elements. It’s still the same Julie & Gent but also with something new.

We’ll Be Fine is a lovely, cheerful folk song, fresh and natural that encourages you to step out. The guitars and harmonica blend together well, and we can say the same thing for A Song For Frida. This song has a more quiet guitar intro, and the use of the electric guitar in other sections is perfect. Next up is Slow Dance , a sweet tune that shows how smoothly the vocals of Nasciemento and Gutierrez come together.

Candlelights has a dreamy aura, and the lines Come on and heat me up / Candle lights are not enough are an invitation to intimacy. With Red Blue Flame you have a sentimental, haunting duet with lyrics that can be interpreted in many ways. Our Place brings to mind images of lush natural landscapes, the countryside and being free. Then there is The Day I Met You , possibly the most romantic song in the album with amazing vocal taking charge.

We Don’t Sing But We Can Dance is one of the more upbeat songs here, and it’s one you can clap your hands too. It’s cheerful, fun and once again displays the seamless blending of the various instruments and vocal harmonies. Time Will Show is a duet that waxes philosophical about life and time, and Favorite Fool shows how the piano complements the guitars, evidence of the duo’s ability to incorporate new sounds in their repertoire.

Favorite Tracks
We’ll Be Fine
Slow Dance
We Don’t Sing But We Can Dance

Track List
1. We’ll be Fine 3:18
2. A Song For Frida 4:43
3. Slow Dance 4:25
4. Candlelights 4:52
5. Red Blue Flame 4:10
6. Our Place 4:24
7. The Day I Met You 4:00
8. We Don’t Sing But We Can Dance 3:48
9. Time Will Show 3:09
10. Favorite Fool 3:49

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