Get those ukuleles up in the air, ‘cause we’re going with the ‘march of the real fly’!

The Sydney-based band, who upholds their music as folk and punk, are put to the litmus test in their second, self-titled effort. Bringing a whole lot of attitude, organ-playing, raw drums, and plain trippiness, we can safely say that March of the Real Fly is a bonafide mix of fun.

Fossil Dreams” starts off the mayhem with wild beats and the Casio, which then segues to the ukuleles of “KRCS”. Surely, the messages are hazy (about love or YOLO-ing?), but this is simply meant to be enjoyed.

Those Trees” sounds like it’s sung by a younger Jack White – reasonably tame. Still in the same key, Anita’s vocals take center stage in “Angel in the Snow”, a hand-clappin’ affair complete with those “uhhs” and “ahhs” and constantly changing calypso-like tempos.

Paradoxically closing the EP is “Started Peacefully”, a stripped-down track whose languid way of singing makes it sound drunkenly…amazing.

Indeed, the real fly will continue to march on. This is one collection you shouldn’t miss.

Track listing:

  1. Fossil Dreams
  2. KRCS
  3. Those Trees
  4. Angel In The Snow
  5. Started Peacefully

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