Sonically astounding, Photocomfort is an artist that should be on top of any indie folk lover’s radar. Bursting into the scene from out of nowhere, it’s amazing that talent and music like this has been kept hidden for so long.

Led by twenty-something, Justine Bowe and her friend, Mike Moschetto, this self-titled debut is far too short, luckily every inch of it is packed with the kind of music you can bring with you anywhere and play anytime without ever wanting anything else.

The record is led by 5 tracks that evoke emotions, feelings, thoughts and transcend beyond reason. Listeners are not obliged to love it but it’s hard not to react favorably towards the beautiful sound. If you love Feist, Imogen Heap and even a bit of Tori Amos, you will find a new bestfriend in this mini compilation. 

Straight from the first track, you can already tell this will be one special record. My Mistake is written wisely and captures a moment of reflection and whimsy. Weaving a catchy melody and charming rhythm, Photocomfort skilfully creates a track that’s likable upon first listen.

As the first single draws you in, Night Sewing keeps you entranced with its nice acoustic folk rhythm coupled with handclaps and Justine’s signature hypnotic vocals. It’s likely a track for when mystical fairies gather and dance the night away right along the moonlit garden.

Holy Ropes shifts the mood slightly with a darker atmosphere. It still maintains an upbeat melody though.

The last two tracks, Wind Fall and Coal Cave, are relatively slower compared to the previous cuts. The former has a nice jazzy, folk feel to it. Opening with lovely piano work joined in by violins as well as appropriate rhythmic beat; the song is mesmerizing to listen to. On the other hand, the latter track is a quiet acoustic piece that allows Justine’s vocals to take center stage.

Photocomfort is a rare find. I won’t blame you if you place the album on repeat since it’s definitely worth it. Although it can be classified as atmospheric indie folk music, the album actually covers plenty of genres embedded within its harmonies and melodies. Regardless of the tag, there’s no denying that this is a beautiful record. Don’t miss out and grab the download. It’ll be worth every minute.

Track list:
1. My Mistake
2. Night Sewing
3. Holy Ropes
4. Wind Fall
5. Coal Cave

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