Vate, a Mexican electro-music artist, is one certainly to be recommended. From the very beginning of Volt, his latest record, one finds that it is a release that cannot be neglected. There are some Kraftwerk influences there, and Turismo, the first tune of the LP, is a Tour de France for the modern era, when car rallies replaces bicycle ones. Orient Stress follows, and it’s been the most energetic one composed by Vate, almost an EBM piece with a highly recommendable mixture of industrial samples and electro mood.

Mundo Libre stays in the same mode, both in terms of rhythm as well as sample themes. Hertz has a great, radioactive mood, reminding me of electro-father’s Radioactivity.


Info recollects previous Vate’s compositions Aeronautica…, a musical impressions on the topic of people communicating with each other. Watt’s rhythm section is extremely mechanical with only one sparse keyboard melody, but it’s still hypnotically intruding and engaging. Amper is quite the opposite, very ambiental and etheric. The eponymous tune is quite Autechre-like in its beat and composition, a neat piece with but for one little annoying sample sound. Yo soy maquina is yet another obvious Kraftwerk-tribute (translate the title into English), but the track itself has a contemporary, even experimental twist.

Summarizing, Vate created another extremely interesting concept album, with a leitmotiv of electricity. In my humble opinion this one of the most engaging CC LP’s of the last year, with all of its elements professionally thought-over and skillfully conducted, beginning form the cover and ending with sound production. However, the most important thing is this DIY essence you can feel in compositions. It’s ten out of ten, and I suppose it’s been Vate’s Opus Magnum, as for now of course.

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