One of the most exciting Android games around, Bebbled, will have you bursting bubbles in over half a dozen gameplay variations. There over 30 levels too. Each level is different, providing hours of fun. To play the game, you have to match the color of at least two orbs. If you can join up several orbs quickly, you will be able to surpass the preset scores. It sounds basic, but the game actually offers a lot of challenge.

American Red Cross First Aid

We often install all sorts of programs in an iPhone, some of which are useless. First Aid by American Red Cross is not one of those. It is full of information for emergency situations. In many cases, it may even save lives. This application was developed with the approval of the Red Cross, so the information is tried and tested. The application is packed with step-by-step advice, quizzes and videos. There is a lot of information here, but it is well organized. The step by step guide offers clear instructions on how to perform first aid. You can use the quizzes to test your knowledge.

Gem Miner

Gem Miner from Psym Mobile is a strategy game that combines modern gameplay with some old school touches. You are a miner, exploring the underground to find ores and precious stones. Along the way you have to overcome many obstacles. The biggest challenges are the falling rocks and chasms. You also have to avoid getting trapped. You start with basic equipment, but you can make money from the ores and stones you uncover. You can use the cash to buy new equipment and dig deeper.

Big Win Baseball

If you have been hunting for a unique baseball game, look no further than Big Win Baseball, a simulation / strategy game where your goal is to put together the strongest team possible and beat the competition. You start by creating a team; this is going to be unique and you have full control over the composition. Once you’ve assembled the group, you can play against other teams. Like a team manager, you get to see how well (or how bad) the team plays.