Gem Miner from Psym Mobile is a strategy game that combines modern gameplay with some old school touches. You are a miner, exploring the underground to find ores and precious stones. Along the way you have to overcome many obstacles. The biggest challenges are the falling rocks and chasms.

You also have to avoid getting trapped. You start with basic equipment, but you can make money from the ores and stones you uncover. You can use the cash to buy new equipment and dig deeper.

Some of these upgrades include sleeping bags, ladders and other miner tools. The gameplay design is reminiscent of classic video games where you dig through levels grabbing power-ups and avoiding danger. This element makes Gem Miner appealing for new and old-time gamers.

Ore and precious stones aren’t easy to find in real mines, and this is reflected here. The levels become more complex as you get deeper into the game. It is not as simple as just searching for ores or gems; you have to navigate the area without getting stuck.

Gem Miner

You also need to have a plan of getting in and out. It is this element that makes Gem Miner a pretty good strategy game, and not just a simple grab-the-gold and-run type. You also have to watch out for your character’s physical conditioning.

Upgrades will give you the additional strength to bring the necessary equipment in the mine. But there’s a mode where you can play with stamina not being an issue. The graphics are good and gameplay is clean and clear. Gem Miner has three slots so different people can play. You can play in different modes too.

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