Bos Wars

Bos Wars is a free real time strategy game (RTS) set in the future. This fast paced RTS game has you creating a war economy while battling enemies all around. Unlike turn based strategy games, the events take place in real time. You don’t have to wait your turn, but then neither do your enemies. This will keep players on their toes. The game is challenging but not frustrating. The key to success is creating an army to attack your foes. At the same time, your army must be able to defend your plants needed to power the economy.


TextWrangler is a free professional HTML and text editor from Bare Bones, and it is certainly no Notepad. It is a very powerful program that can make your work a lot easier. Its search and replace feature allows you for instance, to change a list consisting of last name, first name to first name, last name, among many. TextWrangler can also read corrupted word processing files. The application also has a state saving feature. All open documents are automatically saved when you exit the program, a great one for those who forget to save their work. The software also has full screen view support.

Simple Comic

There are many comic readers for the Mac, but Simple Comic from Dancing Tortoise is a cut above most. Not only is it free, but it makes comic reading easy and comfortable. The program’s strength lies in the simple interface and how simple it is to move among pages. After opening the app, you have the option to load two pages or center it. You can browse pages using its scrollbar. Simple Comic will display thumbnails. This is a very convenient feature that will save you time from going back and forth.

Jaws Revenge

Jaws: Revenge is the sequel to the successful Jaws iOS game. This one takes all the fun in the first game and ups it several notches. This time, Fuse Powered Inc allows you to play the shark, destroying boats, and of course, tearing, shredding and eating hapless human beings and seagulls. The goal is simple: try to rise from the ocean depths and cause as much pain and destruction as possible. The game controls are very simple. Pressing and holding the screen causes the shark to dive. Let it go to send the creature up. It will go into the air, smashing boats, barges, lands, places and people. When the shark gets to eat, expect blood and gore to fly.


Without a doubt, Pinterest is one of the most popular apps for the iPhone and iPad. It is also now on the Android and already managed to take in a large following. Basically a social photo sharing application set up pinboard-style, Pinterest allows a user to share what they like with others. You can also browse other people’s boards. Of course you can also change the settings of the app, particularly your account, which is more than easy to set up. After going through the simple setup, tap some images and you can let the program choose those to follow. You can immediately browse the pins. You can pin your own stuff or re-pin those of others you like.


When it comes to free real time strategy games, 0AD by Wildfire Games is one of those that stand out. Although under heavy development, the game is already very playable. Like other RTS games, you have to manage resources, build an army and manage an economy. There are six civilizations: the Carthaginians, Romans, Celts, Hellenes, Persians and Iberians. Each one has strengths and weaknesses. When you play the game, the resources are displayed at the screen bottom. The mini-map is at the left. To select all units nearby, double click. You can assign units to perform tasks like building structures. Of course you can order them to attack the enemy.

Jurassic Park Builder

Jurassic Park Builder by Ludia is based upon the popular film series. If you ever wanted to build your own park with dinosaurs, this is your chance to do it for free. The game setup is similar to that of Tap Zoo and Farmville. Here you have to build a park for dinosaurs. The objective is to make money and manage the resources. The dinos make you money that have to be collected, and you than have to use the income to buy vegetables, meat and other necessities. If the animals are well taken care of, they will grow and attract more visitors.


MusicBee is a music management application. It comes with all the basic features you need to arrange your audio collection. It also throws in a lot of useful extra features without compromising its ease of use. If your audio files are in the thousands, this organizer is worth a look. The main advantage of MusicBee is the simple interface. Your tracks are situated in the middle of the screen. The left panel has a list of folders, reminiscent of other media players. One of the best features of the program is it can locate information about albums.

DC Universe Online

DC Universe Online is an MMORPG that places you right in the midst of the DC comics universe. Published by Sony Online Entertainment, all the major characters from DC comics like Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and villains like Joker and Lex Luthor are present. You’ll get to develop your own character that can join the side of the heroes or villains.