Cocolixe: Futuro EP

Cocolixe from Barcelona (Spain) knows how to melt American soul, 60's French pop and old Italian ballads into a minimal electro mini-pop mixture. This is a refreshing cool summer breeze for the lounge at the Mediterranean Sea. He's a composer and electronic alchemist, a restless investigator of the latest trends, and he knows how to delight the audience with his particular melting pot of techniques and styles. His first album brings us stuttering beats, looped voices and a wild mix of styles.

Dub One!: Blow Dubs EP

Berlin based producer Dub One! serves us a dub album full exciting tracks. Lot's of laid back off-beat rhythm combined with a full load of horns in all shades. Blow Dubs EP was released on the famous iD.EOLOGY Netlabel with plenty of other amazing records. Dub combined with Salsa? Dub One! is very playful and makes this a wonderful journey with many melodies to remember. Relaxing sounds from Germany's capital Berlin where you wouldn't expect this genre.

AXMusique: Second. The Same

AXMusique are two producers from Poland; on stage, however, they are three: vocals, programming and drums. With already three releases under the watchful eye of Brennessel Netlabel, Second. The same., their second album, oscillates between the genres filling it's fans with block rockin' electro and distorted guitars packed into a pop scheme full of powerful vocal parts. So if what you are looking for is a danceable electro pop rock album with lots of catchy refrains, look no further.