Dub One! is a Berlin based producer widely known for his playful melodies that take it’s listeners on one unforgettable journey through music. Blow Dubs EP, his latest album released on the famous iD.EOLOGY Netlabel, is no different. Filled with laid back off-beat rhythms, salsa influenced sounds, and horns of all shades, it is a five track release not to miss.

The dub genre grew out of reggae music in the 1960s and quickly became known for it’s typical use of echos, reverbs, panoramic delays and occasional dubbing of vocal or instrumental snippets. So enjoy the relaxing sounds of Blow Dubs from the very capital of Germany.

Dub One! started playing the piano at the early age of five and soon became addicted to music. As a teenager he strived to become a famous jazz pianist, however, in 1998 he changed his mind and decided to produce dub music instead. From 2004 to 2008 he than worked on the co-op project “Authist & Dub One!” together with a:urban. Their albums released on both the iD.EOLOGY and Musicartistry netlabels brought them wide acknowledgement and some great reviews.

Dub one!-massive dub job (rubber mix) by Dub One!

The track Massive Dub Job starts with a highly nervous arpeggio and the necessary panoramic delay. The sound than moves from your right to your left ear, while the deep horn blows are setting just the right accents. There is no vocals, just a plain yet highly addictive instrumental work.

Yoni Yogi Dub follows the same rules as Massive Dub Job yet instead of horns it introduces solo guitar spiced up with some vocal samples.

The highlight of this five track album is definitely Salsa in Dub in which acoustic guitar and relaxed drums harmonize with the vocal samples accompanied by the very special salsa piano.

This album is a wild mixture of dub, trip-hop, reggae and salsa and I am sure that, just like me, you will love it for it’s creativity. It’s worth every downloaded bit.

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