Hailing from Barcelona (Spain), Cocolixe knows how to melt American soul, 60’s French pop and old Italian ballads into a great minimal electro mini-pop mixture. He’s a composer and electronic alchemist, a restless investigator of the latest trends who knows how to delight the audience with his particular melting pot of techniques and styles. His first album, Futuro EP, brings us stuttering beats, looped voices and a wild mix of styles – it is a refreshing cool summer breeze for the lounge at the Mediterranean Sea.

No matter what you hear, Barcelona is the place for electronic music, especially with it’s famous Sónar Festival. And yes, there also great artists and talented producers such as Gaudi, Miro, the voice from Fernando Lagreca and Cocolixe, of course, to get you some smart sounds for the summers.

And now Cocolixe brings us his wonderful minimalistic future pop sounds with some melancholy in the voice. Listen to A Day of Happiness and you will soon notice that although the voice does not sound all joyful and carefree, as the title might suggest, the unique coolness of the track makes this feeling vanish. Sharp samples, broken synths and mini guitar loops – it’s all there to bring you some refreshing ambiance. Just imagine a lazy beach lounge, the hot sun, a day with a lot of siesta and a cold drink: this is the perfect soundtrack.

Semplicissimo is a stuttering machine with half cut vocal samples, repeating and looping all along. The language is not spanish – it’s italian so be prepared to hear the influence of some beautiful Italian ballads, totally reconstructed and distorted, in the track.

60ies French Pop, on the other hand, has very short and cut down melodies with accentuated looped female vocals. It’s hard to imagine that the mother of this track was a french pop song.
So download the album, enjoy the summer and relax to this extraordinary masterpiece of cooled down music.

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