(Miles Davis, Herbie Hancock, Pat Metheny)

Tracing Arcs: Wasteland

Here is yet another outstanding album from one of the finest trip-hop acts in the industry. Tracing Arcs, founded in the mid ’90s, gives us Wasteland. In this ten-track collection, musicians Fran Kapelle (lead vocal/backing vocals/lyrics) and Paul H. Addie (keyboards/programming/guitars) treats the listeners with a premium blend of jazz, downtempo beats, and some mellow electronic. The album also features special performances by Violet M. Williams (backing vocals) and Phil Brammer (guitar).

Bonnie Bordeaux: The Damsel Diaries

In the mood for a throwback? We’ve got the damsel for you. Taking a share of the delicious musical pie is newcomer Bonnie Bordeaux (even her name sounds super gorgeous), who’s bringing her own iteration of pop by tastefully concocting it with 40′s style of jazz and soul. The result? A stunning 7-track debut masterpiece that we’ll simply refer to as The Damsel Diaries.

U.S. Army Blues: Live At Blues Alley

Chase last year’s blues away with a record that’s sure to transport your senses back to the yesteryears. Live At Blues Alley, a collection of jazz tunes recorded live, definitely fits the bill. It’s brought to us by the long-standing U.S. Army Blues, an Army Dance Band that entertained soldiers and civilians in dance zones during World War II.

Leah Reis-Dennis: Demo EP

The soul genre might be experiencing a resurgence, as proven by the various acts incorporating its styles onto their material. One of them is newcomer Leah Reis-Dennis, who, with her demo EP (aptly titled Demo), is devoted to bringing the ‘jazz’ cause a modern inflection which the new generation will likely devour.

Delaca: Delaca

Fusion is the game, and Delaca plays it smoothly [even literally]. Skirting along the neo-soul genre, the quartet — composed of Austin Antoine (vocals), Devon Taylor (bass), Justin Jackson (vocals and keys), and Amir Oosman (production) — is bringing a more laid-back brand of R&B to the table, kind of like the loungey type that dominated the 90′s.

aivi & surasshu: The Black Box

Acoustic piano meets chiptunes. aivi & surasshu collaborate to create a fascinating 10-track album. By fusing their love of video game and mixing different styles, they formed a musical voyage together.

Mike Schpitz & Phys Edison: Paid Time Off

Here’s another raunchy comeback from one of FrostClick’s favorite rapper, Mike Schpitz. After his successful release of Spring Cleaning, which was also featured here in FrostClick, comes another set of fresh hip hop tunes to cap off 2013 in Paid Time Off. Haiing from Topeka, Kansas but is currently based in Chicago, Mike Schpitz is a three-in-one machine who juggles in between a full-time job, being a parent, and rapping.


Cableknit‘s latest self-titled release is an ode to weekends, good friends, and impulsive road trips. The album features ten tracks of the New York-based band’s signature blend of blues, rock, funk, and jazz. Cableknit consists of Savannah Sturgeon (vocals), Benjamin Carbone (lead guitar), Allegra Lombardi (rhytm guitar), Peter Gambino (bass), Aki Kawasaki (drums), Nathan Miranda (alto sax/keyboard), and Alex Keyes (sax).

Al Patron: Short Cuts

Shout out to the 90′s kids and experience a well-loved era in Al Patron‘s Short Cuts. Released under HW&W Recordings, the album is a compilation of eight “feel good” beats perfect for steady driving. It serves as a teaser to Al Patron’s full length album, which will be available in December.