The soul genre might be experiencing a resurgence, as proven by the various acts incorporating its styles onto their material.

One of them is newcomer Leah Reis-Dennis, who, with her demo EP (aptly titled Demo), is devoted to bringing the ‘jazz’ cause a modern inflection which the new generation will likely devour.

With lyrics completely written and harmonies composed by her, the collection is a nice showcase of what the Harvard grad is able to contribute to the widening musical landscape: lots!

She opens the 4-track EP with “Sue Me” by wowing us right away with her big and bold vocals, as the case with these archetypes. However, what separates her from the rest of the bunch is the aplomb and breezy manner she has while singing her heart out.

Rollercoaster” is a musical version of the said ride, “Pieces of Me” is a fiery slow dance joint, and “Anchor Down” is a bit of an ode to one of her influences, Adele.

Don’t ‘sue her’, sue us for loving such a great demo!

Track listing:
1. Sue Me
2. Rollercoaster
3. Pieces of Me
4. Anchor Down

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