Fusion is the game, and Delaca plays it smoothly [even literally].

Skirting along the neo-soul genre, the quartet — composed of Austin Antoine (vocals), Devon Taylor (bass), Justin Jackson (vocals and keys), and Amir Oosman (production) — is bringing a more laid-back brand of R&B to the table, kind of like the loungey type that dominated the 90’s.

Take a listen to their debut album, the self-titled Delaca, to get an idea of what we mean. The smooth “Shine Bright” starts the commotion with mashed-up modest harmonies and sax work. The acoustics, for accentuation, sound like the band’s actually playing live, giving the track (and even the rest of the collection) a raw feel.

On “Hearts Spoken“, it’s another of kind of slow: those late night jams you might consider popping in while, well, “pouring your hearts out”. It’s not overtly suggestive, since the lyrics are still on the wholesome side, but the beats, anyway, are made for “it”.


Voodoo” is a must check-out too, as a guest female vocalist (unnamed here), adds spice to a stunningly romantic track. Certainly, Delaca got us like voodoo dolls willing to subject ourselves to their awesome music… forever.

We can’t wait for more releases!

Track listing:
1. Shine Bright
2. From the Ground (feat. Noah Gibbings)
3. Hearts Spoken
4. Chiraq
5. Voodoo

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