In the mood for a throwback? We’ve got the damsel for you.

Taking a share of the delicious musical pie is newcomer Bonnie Bordeaux (even her name sounds super gorgeous), who’s bringing her own iteration of pop by tastefully concocting it with 40’s style of jazz and soul. The result? A stunning 7-track debut masterpiece that we’ll simply refer to as The Damsel Diaries.

Bonnie asserts her presence thru the opening track, “She’s Here!”, which shamelessly foretells that she’ll be on top of everyone’s minds in the near future. It’s her version of the ‘introduce yourself’ game, but she’s already winning, to begin with.

Following quickly is the upbeat “Love & War” — she reminds us of a young Janelle Monáe, really — whose swing influences are perfect for the now-mundane dancefloor as much as it is for the soundtrack of the classiest TV show out there now.

On the other hand, dabbing into acoustic territory is “How Come?”, a cute and flirty tune that will easily win the approval of tweens everywhere; totally not off-key to us.

She doesn’t sound like a damsel to us, at all.

Track listing:
1. She’s Here!
2. Love & War (The Chase)
3. Peepshow
4. Beware a Lady
5. There, I Said It
6. How Come?
7. Fear Factor

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