With a kick for slow beats, rhythmic, and low soulful sounds, Antidote and Harvy Dent‘s The Formula, is a mixtape that invites casual to in-depth soul and hip-hop listeners.

The two artists from Black Cell Entertainment have compiled all original and exclusive tracks from up-and-coming artists such as Glasses Malone, Demrick, Annimeanz, Quiz, Shye, Iceman, Bad Habbit, Casanova Brown, Young Miss, Yahdee Tye, Tommy Nello, Kree, Brooke Taylor, and DJ Research.

The beat drops in Black Sam by Yahdee Tye, where soulful hiphop beats transcend the ears with luster and smoothness. Crisp, clean rapping that veers from shrouded noise-boom-heavy influences let’s the listeners enjoy the song in a steady flow of chill-inducing melodies.

Gonna Make It by Glasses Malone, Demrick, and Brooke Taylor follows in a blues-heavy keyboard ensemble that’s oozing with coolness. The flawless combination of keyboard samples, easily digestible beats, and female soul vocals adds funk to the edgy and raspy lines.

Get off your shoes, open a bottle of vino, and just lie on your bed while listening to Casanova Brown and SB‘s Supernova Clean. Induced with an arrangement reminiscent of jazz and lounge music, this gem gives a new appreciation to hiphop with soft cooing melodies tied to fast, clean lyricism.


Sensual and sophisticated, Underrated by Bnews and Kree is a polished piece that boasts rich saxophone tunes, which will surely make you get lost in the moment.

The Formula is a mixtape that presents itself as a collection of easy-listening hiphop pieces that can accompany you to soothe your every mood. So whether your writing, working, or just taking a break after a tiring day, the tracks here are designed to ease your tension and calm your senses.

Track List:
1. Black Sam – Yahdee Tye
2. Gonna Make It – Glasses Malone + Demrick + Brooke Taylor
3. Hunger – Quiz + Iceman
4. Ours For The Taking – Tommy Nello
5. Too Much – Annimeanz + Kree
6. Supernova – Casanova Brown + SB
7. The Light – Quiz
8. Eat Them Up – Bad Habbit + Provida + DJ Research
9. Holy Smokes – Yung Miss
10. We Gettin Money – Annimeanz
11. Aint No Hustle – Shye + DJ Research
12. Underrated – Bnews + Kree

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