Cableknit‘s latest self-titled release is an ode to weekends, good friends, and impulsive road trips.

The album features ten tracks of the New York-based band’s signature blend of blues, rock, funk, and jazz. Cableknit consists of Savannah Sturgeon (vocals), Benjamin Carbone (lead guitar), Allegra Lombardi (rhytm guitar), Peter Gambino (bass), Aki Kawasaki (drums), Nathan Miranda (alto sax/keyboard), and Alex Keyes (sax).

Come After Me opens in a high-spirited celebration of drums, keyboard, and saxophone that eases down a bit to make way for Savannah’s soulful vocals. The track sheds off jazz, loungey feel perfect for late night dinners while opening a bottle of vino.

5&9 follows with a combination of acoustic strings with hints of blues. A funky arrangement of saxophones in the middle is a refreshing treat to the listener. One notable strong point of the band is their solid execution of what the listeners want to hear. The instruments are well-though-out, resulting to tracks that possesses their own beauty.


Straight Dime wraps up the album in a soulful serenade of keys, drums, and sax. The arrangement exudes sonic maturity in terms of arrangement while maintaining a fuky, youthful vibe. Press play and let this playful piece accompany your weekend breakfast.

Cableknit knows what they’re doing and is getting better with every note. The band tweaks their formula to charm old fans and attract new ears.  The album is available as a pay-what-you-want/free download on Bandcamp.

Track List:
1. Come After Me
2. 5&9
3. Checkmate
4. Taste
5. Straight Dime

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